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The Silkie Club
Contact: Mrs S Bowser
Telephone: 01522 754096

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Optional Information About The Breed
Origin: Asia
Classification: Light: Soft Feather
Egg Colour: Tinted or Cream
Bird Colours: Black, Blue, Gold, White, Partridge

Apart from the standard silkie, there is also a bearded silkie with clearly defined ear muff and beard
siki bantams

silkies black white red blue stock for sale SHOW QUALITY SILKIES from august eggs from march till august invernesshire egg layers bantams

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Jamie MacTavish**********
Aimee & Scott**********
Rachael Boundy**********
Unknown Breeder name**********
Unknown Breeder name**********
Colegreen Chickens**********
Unknown Breeder name**********
bev chilvers**********
richard ingram**********
Liz Holt**********
Unknown Breeder name**********
Gillian Hill**********
david kerr rock cottage rare breeds**********
Unknown Breeder name**********
Carl Bradley**********

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_POSTEDBY haley at 27.01.2005, 5:35
i am lookinf for silkie bantum chicks (female/black and white if possible)
_POSTEDBY terry at 21.02.2005, 16:13
I am trying to obtain a trio of golden silkies,and i am having great difficulty getting them ,does anyone know of anyone that could supple me with either eggs,chicks or adult birds. Iam in Northern Ireland, but willing to travel
_POSTEDBY andy at 26.02.2005, 15:33
we have these charming friendly birds in blue . and non standard coulers . from hatching eggs to pol
_POSTEDBY ggsupplies at 19.04.2006, 1:16
Gold Silkie Hatching Eggs for sale soon. From bearded and non bearded hens. (Large Fowl). Please email for details.
_POSTEDBY branney.toon at 08.05.2007, 18:33
Hi I am looking for 2 to 3 Bantam Silkie Hens in any colour but white. Can anyone please help, I am in Northants. Thanks, Sue.
_POSTEDBY karenn at 08.06.2007, 19:16
am looking for splash silkies LF egg, chick or fully grown, am in leicester but am willing to travel. email me at
_POSTEDBY JBlackmanHoward at 08.01.2008, 10:25
we have blue,white,black hens and gold,white,blue cockerels. Can sell unrelated tri of gold cockerel + hens. North Herefordshire.
_POSTEDBY lillychuck at 11.02.2008, 17:02
Hi, I am looking for a black silkie cock and a blue slikie trio can anyone help must be in lincolnshire area,
_POSTEDBY cathryntherese at 29.02.2008, 20:03
Need silkies, bearded standard or bantam, light grays, sometimes called pearl gray or lavender. I lost my flock to mycotoxin contaminated feed. I need to find a brave breeder willing to export eggs and/or silkies to the US; the feed dealer promised to replace my silkies. All testing, fees, export/import fees, headaches will be paid for by me. Please check me out on in the photo section, & in the group. I am a member asbc, a special ed teacher in MI,USA, and need this color for my porcelain silkie project. I am also a certified pullorum tester and breeding beautiful silkies is my hobby. Please at least consider helping me out?
_POSTEDBY kathnkyle at 17.07.2008, 10:12
Hi I am looking for a couple of Silkie Bantams (any colour) in the dorset area does any one have any please?? thanks!!
_POSTEDBY rwhitehouse89 at 13.01.2009, 7:30
i am looking for hatching eggs for gold or preferably partidge coloured silkies. please contact me if you can help
_POSTEDBY tasha at 25.01.2009, 10:41
Hello my name is natasha and i have recently lost one of my silkies.....leaving one silkie left on its own :( i have been trying to find local breeders for a few weeks now and have had no luck! what i would really like would be a trio of white silkie bamtam's to keep my other female silkie company. I live in derby, derbyshire. if you could help me please reply.......... thanks tasha
_POSTEDBY njmcameron at 31.03.2009, 8:07
I am in Inverness-shire and we are looking for a pair of silkie chickens. If anyone knows who i should contact please let me know. Regards, Neil
_POSTEDBY nadimah at 01.04.2009, 12:01
HELP! Looking for silkie chicks, I am in Northern Ireland.
_POSTEDBY 64birdy at 27.04.2009, 8:51
Hello, I'm looking to purchase some fertile silkie eggs and would love blue, white or black does anyone have any?
_POSTEDBY champignon at 29.04.2009, 14:46
Hi I am looking for 1 or 2 Silkies hens to keep our loanley little silkie company .Gold black or blue. Ilive in nth somerset. e mail please if you can help.THEWHITEHART1@AOL.COM. thanks
_POSTEDBY faith at 10.05.2009, 17:57
hi im in northern ireland can anyone let me know where i can get white sulkie hens or black ones please
_POSTEDBY ohcarolina at 14.05.2009, 7:32
Hi, I am looking for Silkie hens, in white and black to keep pets in my garden. Does anyone know of a good breeder?
_POSTEDBY gallagher at 02.06.2009, 16:10
Hello i am in Dorset looking for white silkie hen e.mail. me must be this year or pol.
_POSTEDBY michelleogrant at 03.06.2009, 10:52
Hi We are looking for a couple of trios of unrelated Golden Silkies. Please let me know if you have any! Thanks Michelle
_POSTEDBY stepheter at 22.06.2009, 3:35
We are looking for a few Silkies in can anyone help on where to go for some. we live in nottinghamshire. many thanks if so please email thanks again
_POSTEDBY gemma at 14.07.2009, 16:40
Large Fowl Silkie Hens Desperately seeking hatching eggs or young Silkies in black or white in the West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent or Surrey areas. Will travel a little further. Please contact me if you have any for sale. Many thanks.
_POSTEDBY bracken at 22.07.2009, 6:38
Hi, im looking for 3 or 4 white silkie bantam hens. Can anyone help? im in Surrey but willing to Travel
_POSTEDBY tommyj999 at 03.08.2009, 3:56
Please can someone help. i am looking for silkie bantam (female/black and white if possible) I live in Hampshire Many thanks Tom
_POSTEDBY bamford6 at 03.08.2009, 13:11
_POSTEDBY mackenzie356 at 16.04.2010, 7:21
White silkies and hatching eggs for sale.
_POSTEDBY mackenzie356 at 16.04.2010, 7:30
We breed silkies, polands and many other breeds available.
_POSTEDBY stephenmclaughlin at 03.08.2010, 16:14
ive got 3 white hens and a silkie rooster for sale in nothern ireland
_POSTEDBY emilyy at 21.02.2011, 16:28
any silkie breeders in west sussex ?? ta
_POSTEDBY sunnivasilkie at 14.04.2011, 10:22
Hi I have some silkie chicks at 6 days old , How do you sex them so I can take out any cocks. Thanks
_POSTEDBY kayleigh at 30.04.2011, 8:54
i have a gold silkie , cockerel and a cuckoo silkie cockerel looing for neew homes anyone help?
_POSTEDBY kayleigh at 30.04.2011, 8:55
im in east sussex
_POSTEDBY woodanne at 24.02.2012, 15:40
I am looking for large fowl silkie hatching eggs please. Mixed colours if possible.
_POSTEDBY metpol at 19.10.2013, 9:01
Hi im looking for chocolate silkies hens and cockerel im in essex but willing to travel

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